Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Fourth from Big Sky

We sure hope you had as nice a Fourth of July as we did here on the Kenai.

We'll start this week's report with a clarification, as the rumor mills sure do get working whenever our state managers make any in-season decisions regarding fishing: the Kenai River is not closed.
In short, for the time being, the lower Kenai River is open to king salmon fishing with use of bait, while the middle section, including our shore-front, is currently closed to fishing with bait or retainment of kings between 20 to 55 inches. Anything smaller can be kept, as can anything bigger, though if you have one bigger on the line, please do start screaming, you're going to need a net!!
We really encourage both our incoming and prospective clients to give us a call if they have any questions regarding in-season regulation changes, and not to buy into the rumors that can spread on online fishing forums etc. the regulations can be hard to understand, and even archaic for those unfamiliar with the river, it's understandable that there will be misinterpretation. 
We're very involved here though, and are on a first name basis with most the local Fish and Game biologists. Often we know what will be coming down the pike before the press release gets out, or at least have an idea.
Likewise, we're more than happy to answer questions while you're with us, as some of the regulations can be a bit tricky.
In short, however, the recent measures taken by Fish and Game really don't have a major impact for us.
We've been having our best success in tidewater, and will continue to fish there through the next week.
Action is steadily on the rise, and water conditions are improving. The river has pretty nice clarity at the moment, not too dirty but still good color.
Heavy rains and cool weather in the mountains should keep that coming, and continue to help push the river levels up.
There's still a reasonable snowpack left in the mountains too, so a good hot spell could really fire things up. 
Enough jabber, let's get to some of the goods!

Bubba knows, always kiss your Kenai king for good luck.

Dempsey and a 50 pound chromer.

Kurby's buck.

The Youkey brothers.

Larry fights his 11th hour Kenai king.

Not too bad for a little Sunday afternoon jaunt with friends. We like to get out and play a little ourselves. 

That fish changed his mind about getting in the net, but it was too late.

A quiet afternoon in camp. Mama duck is doing a good job this year of keeping her brood safe from the eagles.

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